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[premiere] Ugly Hussy: “Moonrock Harvester”

Ugly Hussy

We’re thrilled to introduce Ugly Hussy, a one-man project out of Boise by way of New Jersey. His 2011-2012 demos consisted of textured guitar looping and blown-out production, channeling the musical sensibilities of early Ducktails and Gauntlet Hair material. With “Moonrock Harvester,” Ugly Hussy hit the studio and crafted a piece that’s more full-bodied, giving us a glimpse of his direction for future material. It begins in the vein of fellow looper Dustin Wong, but eventually escalates as the loops and feedback pile on top of each other and mesh with a ripping solo that beautifully fades out to a sweet and clean guitar tone. It’s an incredibly powerful track by a young, talented new artist.

“Moonrock Harvester” is the title track to an upcoming tape (spray painted gold with a printed insert) that will be available during his Treefort Music Fest appearance in Boise on March 23. Keep an eye on his Bandcamp and SoundCloud for more tunes soon.


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