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Secret Mountains: “High Horse”

Secret Mountains
[photo by Suzanna Zak]

Music exploration has significantly changed over the years. Looking back when there were no blogs or tastemakers, word of mouth was the only real source to find sounds to become obsessed with. In 2013, when so much is happening and bands are forming at a seriously scary rapid pace, it’s challenging to find an act that’s making music you truly need to hear at a specific moment in your life. “High Horse” by Baltimore’s Secret Mountains is a song that made everything freeze for four minutes. The amount of richness and honesty flowing out of it brings chills as it climbs around Kelly Laughlin’s soaring vocals until dropping off into an eerie silence. When the love for music can sometimes feel stagnant, this young sextet keeps you believing.

Secret Mountains’ debut full-length Rainer drops February 26 via Friends Records, pre-order a copy here.


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